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Required Forms

A health questionnaire is required to be completed prior to any service to ensure your personal well-being and safety. You may download the form below and bring with you to your appointment or one will be provided for you at the time of service.


Health Questionnaire

Required form

COVID Release Form

This form states that you are not experiencing symptoms of COVID or been exposed to your knowledge. This is a standard COVID release of liability for both client and pracitioner.

General Liability Release Form

This is a standard release of liability for our massage therapy work together.

Minor Liability Release Form

This form allows a parent or legal guardian to give permission to perform massage on a minor client.

Reflexology Intake Form

Required form for reflexology sessions.

Cupping Release Form

General release form for cupping services - required form.

Prenatal Massage Release Form

General release form for all pregnancy massage sessions-required form.

Hot Stone Release Form

General release form for hot stone services - required form.

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