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Pandemic Protocols

Maintaining Safety for All

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, I have modified a few of my practices and policies. In order to best serve my high-risk and immuno-compromised clients as safely as possible, I am implementing the following policies effective immediately. If any policy requires client response and I find a client unwilling to help me maintain the utmost safety possible in my workspace, I reserve the right to discontinue providing services for that client until the pandemic is over, or permanently, depending on the severity of the issue.

Masks are required at all times. This includes during your massage, even while you are prone (face-down) on the table. The only exceptions to this policy will be for individuals whose medical conditions preclude mask-wearing, in which case I MUST be made aware of the reason for not being able to wear a mask PRIOR to your first appointment, and we shall discuss options for keeping us both safe by other means. I will wear a face mask for the entire session. I will wash my hands frequently, and keep conversation to the minimum necessary for the purposes of the session. For the duration of the pandemic, non-session-related conversation should be kept to a minimum as we know the virus spreads by way of respiratory droplets. I will continue with the highest standard of cleaning and sanitation that I have always used. 

With the arrival of vaccine availability, I must stress the importance of continuing to observe all Covid-19 protocols, even if you have been fully vaccinated. At this time it is believed that the vaccines do not PREVENT infection, they simply reduce the severity of symptoms (or the vaccinated individual may become infected with Covid-19, but not experience any symptoms at all). This means that even if you are fully vaccinated, you can still catch and spread the virus. Therefore, my Covid-19 protocols must continue to be followed with each and every client, regardless of vaccination status.